Dr. Michael Grossman, a registered nurse (RN) with over 35 years of leadership experience as a Director of Nursing, Nurse Manager, Nephrology Clinical Nurse Specialist, psychiatric nurse, and Coordinator of Nursing Leadership Development at several of the nation’s leading academic health care organizations.

Michael’s doctorate is in organizational leadership and his dissertation research was on the impact of emotionally difficult patients and families on the Charge Nurse. Dr. Grossman is a well-known author, national speaker, career coach, and teaches healthcare ethics and career planning at the two largest nursing programs in the country. As a career coach he provides his clients with validation, inspiration, direction, and support.



Nurse Leadership Builders (NLB) is a full-service consulting firm with a focus on the development of nurse leaders from the front line to executive levels.

Michael Grossman is an experienced nursing leader, who is available to meet your leadership development and career coaching needs.

Phone: (610) 331-8470

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